Monday, November 11, 2013

The Three Types of Senior Citizens: What Will You Be When You Reach 65 and Above?

When you are young and alert and you seem to own the world, you never think of the day when you get to be 65.

When you are old, you regret your younger days when you could have made the right decisions in life.

Here are the three kinds of senior citizens in terms of finances:

1.       The broke Senior Citizen. This kind of Senior Citizen worked hard all of his life. He manages to live his life on a daily basis by constantly asking his friends and family to lend him money. He might be a parent who depends on the charity of his children. He might have been a retired employee who was not able to use his pension plan properly. He has to depend on medical welfare for his medicines. His money cannot cope up with his daily needs such as food and medicine.

2.       The working Senior Citizen. Sixty-five is the ideal retirement age. By this time, retirement should be synonymous with enjoying his lifetime benefits. However, at age 65 and beyond, he still works. He still has children to support. He still has grandchildren to take care of because his children cannot afford the daily needs of their children. What he did for the past 40 years of his life is still the same pattern that he does when he is old.

3.       The financially free Senior Citizen. He has known the secrets of the rich. He has known the power of leverage. He can travel wherever he wants. He is reaping what he has invested when he was in the working age. Money is not a problem to him. He can afford not to work. He is financially stable.

If you are young, always remember that what happens to your parents and grandparents might be the same thing that will happen to you. If you were to choose among the three kinds of senior citizens, you would want to with the third kind. You do not want to be on the first or the second choices.

If you want to be a senior citizen someday who has financial freedom in your twilight years or even if you are a senior citizen now, I can show you a system on how this can be done. Just send me a text, comment on the comment box, or write me an email.

To Your Financial Success!

Lornajane Altura


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  1. With the world going into its golden ages, it is important to plan for the future, whether we live till a ripe old age or not. You probably can try expanding this article more, than just get people to response to you to ask more. A tip or two to wet readers' appetite to know more would be better for your article.

    Priscilla * Pingerrain
    Singapore-based Travel, Craft and Lifestyle Blogger

    1. Thanks for this wonderful comment :) The secret to creating blog posts is to leave something for the reader to think about and not to give them the whole of it :) My call to action is if they want to have financial freedom, they can contact me :)

  2. IMO, I'll encourage senior citizens to not stop a routine like work. Except if it is hazardous to their health of course. I have seen people retire and at the same time their health deteriorate. I guess what I'm trying to say is they need to still look forward to something instead of just waiting for the inevitable. I agree they should still enjoy life and getting old means making a lot of connections. It might not be a bad idea calling in favors.

  3. I want the number 2. I still want to work even if I'm 60 years old because I believe that age should not hinder the things that you like to do. But not naman the strenuous kind of work, siguro it's like hobby with income.

    1. I prefer number three :) I like that one as it shows I can do whatever I want such as helping others and still not worry if I have enough money for myself and my family for our needs :)