Thursday, November 14, 2013

Link Post: Spending Habits of Filipinos

I was surfing the net for valuable money management tips for Filipinos. I was in Facebook at one time and there was this Facebook page called Ready to be Rich. I soon found out that the owner of the page was Fitz Villafuerte who has a blog named after him.

I found his interesting post about an Infographic regarding the Spending Habits of Pinoys. It was interesting to note that out of a monthly budget of P20,000, Pinoys only spend 6% of their income in bank savings. Although many Pinoys know how to save, the percentage being saved is really quite low.

My thought was how about for people who do not have P20,000 as their monthly budget? How can they survive?

If you desire to save a portion of your money but still are unable to make a big financial change within your life, I have a system that I can share with you on how to be able to save more on your income.

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