Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Money Myths

I was dining with some of my close friends today. We were heartily eating our meal when suddenly the conversation went to having money.

It dawned on me that my friend only wanted to be content. She said something about people who was once poor and then changed when their circumstances got better. For everything she said, I thought that I was once like her. 

However, I was grateful enough that I was exposed to books that taught about the difference between a poor person mindset and a rich person mindset. 

Through the various seminars about changing your money-mindset by Chinkee Tan and other speakers I have known these past few months, I was able to know that there are lots of money myths. Here are some of them:

1. Money is not important. If money is not important, they why do people still work daily? 

2. I don’t want to have lots of money. I am content with what I have. Being content does not mean being free from wanting better things in life. It means thanking God for blessings you have but still striving to reach a better life for you family. Having a better life means having the financial capacity to provide for their needs and wants.

3. If I will be rich, I will become a bad person. There are lots of rich people who are good. There are also lots of poor people who are not good people. Decide whether you want to become bad when you get to be rich.

Are there any other money myths that you know? Feel free to share that on the comment box.

To Your Financial Success!

 Lornajane Altura


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  1. Yes, I agree with you that not all rich peoples are bad... but they just get more attention once they do something bad.