Friday, November 1, 2013

10 Reasons Why the Average Filipino is Born Poor and Dies Poor

Pag ikaw ay pinanganak na mahirap, di mo kasalanan iyan;
Pero pag ikaw ay namatay na mahirap, kasalanan mo iyan.”

Parents usually pass on their inheritance to their children. Then the children pass this to their children. This cycle goes on and on. If a person is born poor, he usually dies poor. The cycle is not broken.

According to a 2009 report by the World Bank, about 41.5 percent of the population lived below the $2-a-day poverty line. Just imagine the number of children who will inherit this sad state.

The question is, why is an average Filipino born poor and die poor?

1. The average Filipino has a poor person mentality.  Filipinos are programmed with a poor person mindset. They developed bad habits that make them poor.

2. The average Filipino believes in destiny and fate. Filipinos always blame their current circumstances to destiny or fate. They believe they live in poverty is caused by fate and they cannot do anything about it.

3. The average Filipino thinks rich people are greedy. They have this preconceived notion that rich people are greedy; thus, they do away from being rich. 

4. The average Filipino is “contented” with his current life. Filipinos are fond of saying that they want a simple life.  Yet, they want “better” things in life. Very ironic!

5. The average Filipino believes that he will become poor once he stops working or when he retires. Pinoys think that when they stop working, their bank accounts will dwindle. They trade their time for money which is the main reason why they die poor.

6. The average Filipino believes in luck. Filipinos are so fond of joining the lottery in the hope that they will win. If their numbers do not win on that day, they again fall in line the next day and then join the lottery again.

7. The average Filipino thinks having money will make them rich. Filipinos think that if they have money, they will become rich. It takes an idea to become rich and not really having money. Look at Filipino lottery winners. They have money but after a few months, they are more broke compared to when they did not win the lottery. 

8. The average Filipino does not see an opportunity once he is presented with it. Filipinos have long been exposed to various life-changing opportunities but they do not take it.

9. The average Filipino always thinks the government should be giving them dole-outs. Filipinos think that the government is the answer to their life long misery. They do not do anything beyond blaming and complaining their woes to the government.

10. The average Filipino has a mental lid. Filipinos believe in P10,000 per month salary. However, if presented with a P500,000 per month opportunity, they will automatically think it is a scam.

If you are a Filipino and you were born “poor” but you do not want to die poor, feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on the comment box.  You can even send me an email on a way on how Not to die poor. 

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