Thursday, November 7, 2013

Linear Income versus Residual Income

Majority of the people around the world are familiar with linear income. Linear income is the source of income that comes from exchanging time for money. This means that a person is paid based on a day’s work. It is based on the no work, no pay policy. You need to work for a number of hours per week. The moment you stop working, your income stops.

Residual income varies greatly from linear income.  Residual income is the income of rich people. This keeps coming in on a regular basis from work done once even when not working anymore. This is not the “get rich quick” thing that most people misunderstood. This requires willpower, effort in the beginning.

Working from linear income is a very honorable form of earning a living. There are people who obtain good money from it. The problem with linear income is that it is limited to the number of hours work and it only provides you with an income when you work. You no longer have an income if you stop working.

Most people earn their wages through linear income. The problem is that linear income also is the reason why most people cannot afford to retire until at least seventy years old.

Many people are now into time leveraging in order to have long term residual income. Time leveraging does not put an hourly limit on the worth and money that comes whether you work or not. Fixed-salary work has a limit to it while leveraged income leverages time. There is a progression on the time spent at work.

If you are into linear income and you want to earn residual income, feel free to send me an email on how you can do that. I can share with you a system on how you can earn residual income.

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