Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How Employees Inspire Me to Leave the Rat Race

I was in a ride today and I was with a co-teacher from another school here in Iloilo City. We were talking why she no longer is a member of certain organization here in our city. Then she talked why she cannot continue with her dismemberment from the organization because she was a co-maker of another person. The sad thing was that the other person was already retired ---retired but still lives in the remnants of the rat race.

A rat race indicates a pointless, endless, and self-defeating quest. It shows a lab rat doing futile efforts of trying to escape while running in a wheel or a maze.

Employees work for forty years and then they wait for their pension after those long years of hard work. Here are the reasons why employees inspire me to leave the rat race:

1.       Hard work does not guarantee financial stability. Employees still lack money even if they work hard.

2.       Employees retire yet they have loans. This is not what I want to happen to me. I want to retire and not be burdened with debts to pay.

3.       Employees do not have reserve funds when emergency occurs. It is scary when I see my colleague being rattled when family members have to be hospitalized and yet they do not have enough funds.

4.       Employees hate their routine work and boss yet they have to get to work. What more can be frustrating when you are enslaved with a system that does not make you happy? However, employees feel that they do not have a choice.

These are just some of my thoughts when it comes to inspiration from employees to leave the rat race.

If you are fed enough with being in the rat race and you want a way out, feel free to comment on the comment box. You can also send me an email and I can show you a way how to get out of the rat race through a proven system.

To Your Financial Success!

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