Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How the Poor is Looked Upon by Society

The poor will always be there. However, it is a person’s choice to stay on that group. No one wants to be poor. No one wants to feel hunger. No one wants to be dependent on someone. No one wants to beg for food. No one wants to live a life of financial instability.

So how does society look upon the poor?

Politicians: The poor is always the favorite sector of society that politicians are fond of campaigning with. The poor is the most underprivileged group of society and they comprise more than 80% of the population. You can just imagine the number of voters these politicians can obtain if they focus their programs on the vast number of poor people.

Church: The Church always looks at poor people the easiest to disciple as they are the ones who “need” God the “most.” The poor is always the recipient of the Church’s gift-giving efforts.

Educational System: The school looks upon the children of the poor as underprivileged sector of society. Sometimes, teachers tend to lower down standards to these children as they have to work for their needs at school. Poor children usually become underachievers compared to the more well-off kids.

Parents: Parents of well-off children look at the children of the poor as people whom their children should not associate with. They think that the poor have bad values and they do not want their children to be rubbing elbows with these poor children. Just think of “children” discrimination.

Hospitals: Poor people are not exempted from emergencies. The sad fact is that they cannot obtain instant medical efforts since they do not have the money for down payment. Hospitals see poor people as people who do not have money to pay for their medical services. Why should they serve this sector when they cannot get any monetary value from them? Why should they waste their hard-earned degree by serving the poor?

Justice System: When a person is accused to have done a crime, a person who is poor usually takes the brunt of society. Their poverty is enough reason why they should be guilty of a crime that they did not commit. 

Poor: How does the poor look at themselves? The poor thinks that life is unfair. They think that the government should be doing them service and provide them with all the benefits that can be afforded to them. They think that they were born poor and they will die poor. They have the mindset of “isang kahig, isang tuka.”

If you belong to the poor sector of the community and you do not want to be labelled by different sectors of the community as laid out in this blog, and you believe there is more to live than being poor, and you want to find a way, then feel free to comment on the comment box or send me an email.

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