Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Songs about Love and Money

I am a romantic---a hopeless romantic. I swoon every time I hear a love song. I giggle when I see my favorite love team become a pair at the end of the story.

Not really… You know why? I always believe that love is real. I have seen many get into relationships and then end bitterly when they get married.

I am neither anti-marriage nor anti-love. However, I hear these songs that have lyrics that lift up poverty.  Moreover, there are also songs that are not romantic that show the sad condition of people living in poverty. Here they are:

Love Will Keep Us Alive-Eagles

“When we are hungry, love will keep us alive.”

What person in his right mind would want to hear that love will stop stomachs rumbling? Can you tell your wife and your children that you will have group hug as this shows love? Will empty stomachs ever understand it? I do not think so.

Richard Cory-Simon and Garfunkel

“But I work in his factory
And I curse the life I’m living
And I curse my poverty
And I wish that I could be,
Oh, I wish that I could be,
Oh, I wish that I could be
Richard Cory”

This is not really a love song, but this shows that a simple factory worker detests the life that he lives and he wants to be Richard Cory. Richard Cory is his boss.

Money (That’s What I Want)-Flying Lizards

“The best things in life are free
But you can give them to the birds and bees
I want money
You love gives me such a thrill
But your love won’t pay my bills
I want money
Give me your money
Just give me money”

Just look at that. There is this person who loves another. However, he or she would rather have money than the other person’s love. This must be like a dagger through the heart.

Love and money are related, aren't they? Love makes the world go round. Even with love on the sides, some people choose money over love. Some choose love over money, but in the end, how can you show your love if you do not have the resources?

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