Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Evolution in Employment

Employment has changed through the years. We still have the employers and employees. However, as time goes by, employment undergoes evolution. There is an evolution in employment. When I was younger, I remember my father talking with his former officemates of friends about employment. I think I was seven years old then. He used to work at Electrolux. I really did not understand what they were talking about but I remember this—“Sang una, One will be lost, hundreds will bulos; Subong, One will be lost, thousands will bulos.” In English, then, one will be lost, hundreds will replace: Now, One will be lost, thousands will replace.” 

I probably can remember it well since they rhyme. However, these strong words are really true nowadays. So, what does that mean? 

During the industrial age, for every job that requires a certain profession like an engineer, companies have to compete with that one engineer. They do not care if the engineer has passed his course with flying colors or not. They need the manpower. 

However, the evolution has changed the workplace. Nowadays, if there is a vacancy, there are literally thousands who will compete for such position. Employers can now select the best among the applicants.

Thus, the competition is increasing by the second, minute, hour, day. 

Now, if you are part of the applicants who were not hired, what will happen to you? You will be economically displaced and you will find a job that is not in line with your field of study. Nowadays, there is a sprouting of call centers with people who have various degrees such as Nursing, Education, and others. Being a call center agent is an honorable job, but if you went to school for Nursing, you should be in a hospital taking care of the sick. 

Another sad thing is that every year, various colleges and universities produce 500,000 graduates every year. Those who graduated the previous years were not hired yet, and then here comes the new batch trying to find jobs. 

Employment has really evolved. There is a tougher place for competition among the new and the old graduates. 

If you are part of the group who is still finding a job and there seems to be no available jobs in your field, you and I can talk about a solution to the problem. Just send me an email or comment in the comment box. Feel free to share your thoughts as well about this topic. 

To Your Financial Success!

Lornajane Altura


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  1. Powerful article...It really helps me realize that at the end employment requires a lot of investment, effort and time to attain but couldn't satisfies the worth of having it...