Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10 Top Reasons That You Should Resign from Your Job

Almost everyone who has ever worked for a boss struggled to go to work from time to time. The alarm bell rings and you detest getting up. However, what would it mean if it is more than that? What if you do not feel happy about work? Does this mean you have to resign from your job?

Leaving a job means not having money to be put food on the table. When you resign from your job, this would probably mean to be in a worse position. Health is more important than any kind of job. 

Here are 10 top reasons that you should resign from your job:

1. There is a heavy burden in going to work in the morning. If you alarm rings and you feel like you want to cry, then you have to evaluate your current status at your job. You have to know what bothers you. You have to consider if it is the tasks that you have to accomplish, or is it the people you work with. It could also be that you are bored with the monotony in life.

2. There is loss of interest in the work you do. If you are in a job that is completely misaligned with your personal goals and interests, then this is definitely a sign that you have to resign from your job. The amount of money you receive cannot compensate if you do not enjoy your life to the fullest.

3. You feel monotony in your job. If you feel that you are constantly fighting boredom in your job and life has become monotonous, then you should decide in changing course. If you have discussed with your immediate superior and there seems to be no change, it is a sign that you have to resign from your job.

4. You do not attain personal and professional growth. Your workplace might have made you feel stuck and you feel that there is none to learn anymore. If you have moved up the ladder and still find it unfulfilling, it is time to change course.

5. You feel that there is instability of the company. If you see that there have been massive lay-offs and you feel uneasy, then you should resign from your job.

6. You are not yourself. Your workplace might have left you your spark. If you feel that you lost your passion and you are only surviving your day, then it is a great sign that you have to resign.

7.  Your body undergoes physical and mental stress. If there is a fluctuation of your weight or you experience excruciating body pain, or you feel melancholia or attacks of anxiety, then you should consider other alternatives.

8. You are at “war” with your boss. If your boss makes you go crazy that your body seems to always be in an elevated level of anxiety, then you should change course.
9. You are so filled with negative emotions. If you do not put effort into your work or you have lost the will to care, then it is a sure indicator of busting the want ads.

10. You spend your free time for work. If you spend all of your time for work and you do not feel like a human being anymore, then what is the point of living if your source of living kills you?

If you feel at least three of these signs, then you should consider other options rather than your job. You can share your comments on the comment box or you can send me an email if you want to know other better options than working for another boss.

To Your Financial Success!

Lornajane Altura


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  1. Actually, when I read your article, I felt my energy because I've undergone that feelings before. ha..ha..ha..Awesome piece for readers like me and to all people around the world.

    1. That is interesting :) Why what was your job before? ;)

  2. Been there, done that. Hehe. =) But a different combination of symptoms per company and work. Just the same, glad I was able to move on as soon as it was possible.