Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Why Procrastination is a Big No-No to Success

My mind is getting drained of its creative juices as I just finished a blog post for another site. I am trying to write this blog post with the plan of procrastinating.  I was already writing the first two paragraphs of the first two articles. However, my mind and soul do not seem to be in accord with what I write. Even though my eyes are about to close and it is almost 1 a.m. here, I am fighting because I am in a 21-day challenge.

And then I chose this topic as I know I have to do it. I know procrastination is a big no-no to success.

Here is why the error of procrastination hinders people towards success.

1.       Procrastination is a result of the manana habit. Filipinos have engrained in their minds with this bad habit. We tend to say we still have time tomorrow and we can always do what we have to do today tomorrow. Then tomorrow, we say we still have time to work on it the next day after tomorrow. And then the cycle becomes difficult to break.

2.       Procrastination is a waste of time. Time is gold. Time that is lost will never come back. Money can be retrieved if it is lost but time lost can never be regained. Just imagine a person who misses the plane by just 30 minutes, or a student who has to take the exam and misses the correct time of getting the exam and gets a 74 instead of a 75, or a lover who could have stopped the wedding if he just came in time to object when his or her lover is about to say “I do” to another.

3.       Procrastination can result to broken relationships. People who do not value keeping up with their promises always procrastinate. Parents who say I can always have time for my kids the next month will forego each time he has to do it, and then they will soon realize that their kids have grown up and now have no time to spend it with them.

4.       Procrastination lessens productivity. Workers who say they will work on their current task at a later time decrease their own productivity.

5.       Procrastination…..

I have just decided to procrastinate and can’t seem to finish the other points J
Kidding aside, procrastination will do us more harm than good.

If you desire financial freedom and procrastination is your weakness, you can comment on the comment box and share us what you feel about this. Don’t procrastinate.

To Your Financial Success!

Lornajane Altura


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