Thursday, October 24, 2013

7 Top Benefits of a Home-Based Business

Companies are downsizing and many people are discovering the advantages of running home-based businesses. If you desire to get out of the rat race, and spend more quality time with your family and friends, then having a home-based business is the right decision for you.  

Here are advantages why it pays to run a home-based business:

You control your time. If you are tired of spending and wasting lots of time in traffic going to and from work on a daily basis, then you should run a home-based business. According to a study, Filipinos spend 90 minutes commuting everyday. Engaging in a home-based business would provide you with those extra hours in order to regain control of your personal life.

You make yourself get richer. In the corporate world, your hard work makes your boss get richer. In home-based businesses, you get to keep the money you make. You can save money on gas and food. It is also more cost-efficient if you prepare meals at home.

There is less risk. The need for small start-up cash makes running this kind of business with less risk. You can also create more of your own income-producing opportunities. Industries are already shrinking the number of employees that they have and more promotional opportunities within these companies also dwindle.

There is less tax. Another advantage of having home business is that the operating and depreciation expenses of your home can be deducted from your business expenses.

You get to spend more quality time for friends and family. Parents of school-age children will benefit from this as they find it easier to send the children off to school. It is also easier for parents to take care of children when they get sick as they do not have to ask permission from their boss.

You get less stress. When you control your own schedule, you find it less stressful to balance the demands of family and work.

You get to grow more professionally. You get the chance to learn everything about the business as you are your own boss. This makes your grow more professionally.

If you want to engage in home-based business, feel free to comment on the comment box or send me an email.

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