Tuesday, October 29, 2013

OFW: Ambition or Option

Being an OFW or an Overseas Filipino Worker is one trademark of Filipinos. Most Filipino families have either a family member or a close friend that works abroad. These people are considered to be the unsung heroes of the modern times. The government loves them as they bring in the dollars.

My father used to work as an OFW in Saudi Arabia when I was in my elementary days. I have both aunts and uncles from both my father and mother’s side working in different countries as OFW. Back then, I never did realize the great importance of them working outside the country. All I know is that they are working for the love of their family.

However, when I get to think about it now, I wonder if being an OFW is an ambition or an option.  Here are some points about what I think of this question.

Being an OFW is an ambition because:

1.       OFWs bring in the dollars. A Filipino working abroad has a bigger payslip compared to a Filipino working here in the Philippines.

2.       OFWs work in greener pastures. The Philippines is a third world country. Filipinos usually work in first-world countries like the United States. Working in these countries usually means a better life, a better work environment, and better benefits.

There is another side of the coin. Being an OFW is an option because:

1.       The minimum wage in the Philippines barely supports the minimum requirements in order to have a decent life. How can a family of five live properly when the breadwinner of the family earns P277 per day?

2.       OFWs do not want to leave their families but they have to. People never like to be separated from their families. If they have an option of working where their families are, they would not leave the country.

3.       The government cannot provide the best opportunities. It is a sad fact that the government cannot provide the best for everyone. 
I salute OFWs as they help the economy get better. I salute them for making sacrifices.

What about you? Is being an OFW an ambition or an option? Feel free to make comments on the comment box or you can send me an email.

If you are an OFW and you desire to have a better life without leaving the country but you do not know how, you can send me an email on how you can do that.

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