Saturday, February 1, 2014

How to Deal With Negative People

You might have friends or co-workers who are negative. You know that these are not the most enjoyable people to spend time. These people always find a way to pull things in a negative light. You might feel that your energy is drained just by being around these people.

So what are the ways to deal with negative people in your life?

1. Do not argue with them. You have to learn not to have an argument with negative people. A negative individual will always have many reasons to counteract what you said. You will be pulled into more negativity. If you provide constructive comments and the negative person does not show he will back down, then do away with him.

2. Show empathy. Negative people react better when they get an emphatic ear than solutions/suggestions on what should be done. You can always help them solve their problems by helping them address their emotions. 

3. Help them. People who complain do that because they are crying for help. They might not know that is what they feel. You can always ask them if they are okay or if you can do anything for them.

4. Discuss light topics. You should deal with light topics as negative people are triggered with some topics. 

5. Disregard the negative comments. One strategy in helping the negative individual is to disregard negative comments. Answer “I see” or “OK” when he continues with being negative. But, if he is being positive, reply in enthusiasm and affirmation. He will notice that and will adjust accordingly. 

6. Affirm him with his positive traits. You can always plant seeds of positivity with the negative person if you praise him or affirm him with his good traits. This person might show resentment at first but he will good inside. 

7. Be proactive. If you see a person is negative or not, it is you who sees the person as negative or not. Instead of dealing with his bad trait, focus on the goodness of the other person. 

8. Avoid them. If you have done everything and they still continue being negative, then you should avoid contact with them. If he is a good friend, then you should inform him about the severity of the problem. It is not good for you to spend time with people who drain you. You should spend it with people who affect you in a positive way. 

Negative people can influence people around them. Be careful when you deal with these people.

Stay positive!

To Your Success!

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