Thursday, February 27, 2014


We see and meet leaders in our daily lives. We work with them at our workplace. We listen to them during classes. We dine with them in our homes. We hear their sermons on Sundays. However, sad to say, not all leaders are effective when it comes to leading their flocks. Some followers become disenchanted that their lives somehow fall apart when leaders commit mistakes. 

Last week, I was blessed to attend a special training with a great leader. He is a minister of a religious organization as well as life coach in one of the largest companies in the Philippines that is expanding worldwide. He is Pastor John Fortune Gay.

They say people listen to you when they know you practice what you preach. You do what you say. You commit to what you affirm. That is leadership in practice.

He spoke for an hour but what I learned was like ten modules combined in one. Pastor John Gay talked about the fingers of leadership. Here is what I learned:

1. The Thumb (Strength of Character). The thumb is probably the most important finger. Lots of things cannot be done without it. Pastor John Gay said that it symbolizes strength of character.  A person who is a leader should have integrity and the character to do what he plans to do. He practices what he preaches or teaches. A good leader should have a great attitude. 

2. The Pointing Finger (Direction). A leader should know where he is headed. He must have direction. He knows his goals. He knows where his group is headed. 

3. The Middle Finger (Spirit of Excellence). Since a leader is a person of influence, he must exhibit excellence in what he does. He should be excellent in his work, at home, and even with his own character. 

4. The Ring Finger (Relationships). A leader should have good relationships with the people he deals with in his life. I remember his story about a teacher who gave an exam to his students. One of the questions was about the name of the utility worker cleaning the comfort room. The person telling the story then was ashamed that he did not get to know the name of the person concerned. The teacher was telling them that everyone is important. Relationships are important.

5. The Little Finger (Small Things).  People think that successful leaders become great leaders in one blink of an eye. However, they become great because of the small things they do everyday. A person who does well in small things do great when given responsibility with large things.

If you are an aspiring leader or is leading a flock or group of people who look up to you, these five fingers of leadership are great guides in honing ourselves to become a very good leader if not the best one.

Be the best leader that you can be.

To Your Success. 

 Lornajane Altura


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  1. I like this post. The comparison with the fingers are on point. Thanks for this.

  2. This is an easy to remember guide on leadership and just seeing how each finger plays a role and so does each member of a group.

  3. very inspiring!! and new lesson learned! thanks!!

  4. There are many more qualities and responsibilities of a leader but this post somehow is able to summarize them all in five. Great work. I always believe that leaders should practice what they preach.

  5. I used to remember one guy I met from a real estate business, every body part or gesture means something... well, things turned out he's right when I saw this post. This means I've got something to ponder on when it comes to be the one... I mean a leader sooner or later.