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Pinoy Millionaire Series: Success Story of A Web Developer/Programmer

"Plan your early retirement."

This is one of the tips of our feature for the third in our Pinoy Millionaire Series.

From a nurse, to a doctor, we now have a successful Pinoy web developer/programmer to be featured.

Read this interview and learn tips on how to be successful financially.

1. What is your complete name?
Arnel Cristobal Navarra

2. Where did you grow up?
Tondo, Manila

3. How young are you?
41 years old

4. What was your profession?
Graphic artist, web designer, web developer/programmer

5. How would you describe yourself in a sentence?
I am a bit emotional but helpful most of the times. 

One of Arnel's pet projects about financial literacy
6. What used to be your perspective in life when it comes to becoming successful financially? What is your perspective now?
Old: be a successful programmer

Now: be a successful entrepreneur. Not really a company man.

7.  What was the turning point in your life that made you who you are today?
When I realized my income would not make my family survive when I reach the age of 50. 

8.  What are your current successes in life?
I'm enjoying much of my time for my wife and kids now. More time to focus on developing assets. 

Arnel does Goal Setting 101 with his team
9.  What motivates you to do what you do?
I always look at my kids and I always remember my promises to my one and only wife.

Arnel as fun-loving Dad
10. How did you reach your current success?
I really planned for an early retirement. I decided to focus on doing business rather than being employed for the rest of my life. I really stopped working in 2006 did printing business. after 6 months .. closed. I continued as freelance programmer. developed my web development company in dec 2006 only to realize ....I'm just doing all the tasks.

Arnel enjoying his free trip to Singapore
11. Do you believe that a person who works hard will become successful?
I believe. only with right opportunity and must have adequate financial education. 

12. Can you tell us briefly of your business that made you succeed?
I joined the biggest DS/MLM company in the country in April 2011. That's AIM global. I stayed focused on developing programs for my team and founded Dreamweavers Alliance Internationale, Inc.

13.  What is your favorite quotation?
"Huwag kang magmamadali. Bilisan mo lang!" - Arnel Navarra

Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Psalm 34:7

14. Who do you consider as your mentors in your financial success?

Primarily my Pastor
My Fav author Robert Kiosaki
and the Word of God
Christ Himself
My former Chinese boss... Sir King Go

Arnel enjoying the first fruits of Leverage
15. What are the steps that you did so you can reach your status now?
I just focused on what is urgent and important
.... focus on leverage and NOT income.

16. What are some tips that you can give to aspiring millionaires?

a. Be financially literate first
b. Plan your early retirement. Chinese retires at the age of 30.
c. Know your needs and wants
d. Establish income generating assets to provide for your needs and wants
e. Maintain a low liability life-style.
f. Master the difference between assets and liabilities
g. If you want to start a business ... start with Network Marketing.
h. Then develop more business or create more assets.

End of Interview.

Hope you learned great insights from another Pinoy millionaire.

To Your Success!

Lornajane Altura


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