Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to Keep Track of Your Goals

Being focused and persistent are the traits that separate a person who achieves his goals from a person who does not achieve his goals. There are various ways to monitor your progress towards your goals. Here are the four ways of keeping track. 

1. Look at the big picture. This is the basics of monitoring your progress and reaching your goals. Most individuals do their things on a daily basis. They just live life in order to survive rather than living each day to the fullest. You have to know what motivates you in order to keep the morning started. If you think about these things then you will the end result in mind. You also have to see the long-term plan so your daily actions will be towards that goal.

2. Plan, Organize, Implement. Planning and organizing are key factors when it comes to monitoring your progress. If you already know what the big picture is, you must create a daily plan of action on how to reach that goal. Take a calendar and plan on your daily, weekly, monthly activities in order to achieve your goals. Use a planner. Create a to-do-list on a weekly basis and then segment that into daily tasks. If you are able to plan and organize your time properly, then you will not only feel good but you will also develop self-discipline. 

3. Be accountable. You can find a good person, a buddy, a coach who you can share your goals with. It is crucial that you should have another person who you can talk about your progress. You are more likely to accomplish your tasks throughout the week if you have someone other than yourself who will keep you accountable. 

4. Reward yourself. You should reward yourself for each accomplishment. If you always do things towards your goal and you never take time in rewarding yourself, then you will get yourself burnt out. Being burnt out means losing the motivation to stay focused on your goals. Rewarding yourself is a good way of tracking your goals since you will be able to appreciate your hard work and then move on towards another goal. 

The best way to improve the quality of our lives is through setting and achieving goals. Would you like to improve your life? Start by setting your goals now!

To Your Success!

Lornajane Altura


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  1. Proper planning and organizing is always necessary to achieve the goals.

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    1. Yes :) There should be a way to monitor the activities done in achieving goals