Saturday, January 18, 2014

9 Time Management Steps for Busy Executives

Busy executives always have time against them.  They want to be more productive each day and time should be managed properly. Here are 10 steps on how busy executives can manage their time.

1. Plan your day right. You should start your day with a plan and an organized office. You have to review and revise your tasks daily. At the end of the day, organize your place and create your schedule for the next day. 

2. Do one thing at a time. People say executives are good at multi-tasking. However, it would be best if a person does one task at a time. After doing one task, then you should focus on the next thing. 

3. Arrange for an uninterrupted time of the day. You should let everyone know that you are unavailable for questions, phone calls, appointments during this time. This will be your time to catch with tasks that you do not have time for. 

4. Control your inbox. You should not be servant to your emails. Delete them on a regular basis and check them only at designated time. Block a certain time interval where you will look at your emails. 

5. Set a sense of urgency. When you are at work, you should try to maximize your time. However, you should be courteous when you are in business conversations. Instead of asking “How are you?” ask “How may I help you?” as this shortens the response.  You can also establish how long your meeting will last.

6. Create a list of important phone numbers and post it near your phone. It takes time to find numbers on your computer. You should have the important ones at the tip of your fingers. 

7. Group similar tasks. You should categorize your tasks. This will make things easier done. You can return phone calls, write personal notes, and answer emails if they are done by groups. 

8. Use different boxes for varying categories of paper. You should separate items that are important and immediate. Papers that are pending, paper that are to be filed, or papers that have to be reviewed. 

9. Keep your desk organized.  You should keep extra pens, supplies, tape dispenser, and stapler in your drawer rather than on top of your desk. Your desk should have your current paperwork, telephone, and computer. 

Executives are always busy. However, following these tips above will make your time-management a good one. 

Lornajane Altura


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