Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Dream Team

There is this popular adage that says “No man is an island.” The success of one is usually because of a concerted effort of his team.

Team is popularly defined as “Together Everyone Achieves More.”  Working as a team makes it easier to achieve dreams. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

My team is called Achievers Alliance Internationale-Iloilo. This is under the leadership of Achievers Alliance International, Iconmakers, and Clan the Great.

I am proud to present some of my best team members.

Franklie “The Organizer”

If you want something done, you can count on Franklie. Franklie is my team’s Albert Einstein. He is very well-organized, true to his words, and one of my group’s most loyal members. He is very dependable.

Luz “The Silent Worker”

Luz or what I fondly call as Mam Isi is the team’s female version of Euclid. Her dedication to work is highly commendable. She teaches Math.

Janet “Ms Congeniality”

There are people who are born as a person-oriented individual. Janet is a natural when it comes to making a newbie feel welcome to a team. Janet is the female version of Gregor Mendel as she teaches Biology.

Richel “Ms Friendship”

Richel is a great person to be friends with. If there will ever be a Survival Camp for Teachers, I will really go with her team. She is the female version of Chef Boy Logro. Richel also teaches Filipino.

Katherine “Ms Assertive”

Katherine is one of the first persons who became my team member. Despite the “incompleteness” of my presentation, she is a gem. You can rely on her. She teaches Filipino.

Veronica “Ms Kindhearted”

She is Lisa Macuja and Marie Curie combined in one. Veronica teaches Physics. She is one of the best team members a group can have. Just make sure you don’t push her over the edge.

Gemma Baydo “Ms Cooperative”

If you want a person who has a very teachable heart, Gemma is the person you can count on. She has a store that she operates and is a very business-oriented person.

These are just some of the best of my team members. I will be writing about others in future posts.

Truly, no man is an island.

To Your Financial Success!

Lornajane Altura


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