Friday, January 24, 2014

Tips for Freelancers

In this economic recession, there is a rise in freelancing. In the Philippines, there is a rise in the number of Filipinos who engage in freelance work. Why do people engage in freelancing? Freelancing is often a fulfilling work.  Most people freelance by choice. Some do part-time freelancing while others do it on a full-time scale. Individuals chose fulltime freelancing because it gives them flexibility. Anyone can be freelancers.  Any profession can be a freelancer. 

If you plan to be a freelancer, then you should follow these steps.

1. Put yourself in the market. It would be a great idea to know everything in the freelance industry; however, it is best that you master a niche within your industry. You can exert efforts in your personal branding. You can establish your worth by starting a personal website or you can increase your social media presence. 

2. Increase your contacts. A number of small as well as large businesses approach plenty of established freelancers regularly for work. There are instances when there are no gigs for the freelancer. That is the reason why you should make networking a regular task. You can do this by using the web, attending industry events, making cold calls to obtain new customers, or sent out e-newsletters. 

3. Obtain a Contract. You should obtain a contract in order to have a successful freelancing career. Make sure that you write and sign and contract with your clients before you complete any work. There are many instances when freelancers get taken advantage of and end up working for free. You can be ensured that your client will pay you if you have a contract. 

4. Be organized. Freelancers often work on multiple projects. You have to be organized on scheduling the length of time each project has to be completed. You have to track your progress through spreadsheets. You do not have a boss who will tell you what to do; thus, you yourself have to take charge of keeping yourself on track. 

5. Learn the art of being flexible. You are employed by your clients to work on projects. They are the ones paying you and you have to be flexible to your clients’ needs. The problem with freelancers is that they do not like giving up their control with the project. Freelancers have to be flexible, offer their advice to clients, while also taking heed of what the client requires. 

Freelancing is a great way to augment to your existing income or it can be your new career. Maximize your current skills and you will have a thriving personal business. 

Lornajane Altura


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